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Medieval / SCA Clothing Patterns & Tutorials

hand made button hole technique... easier than you think!

A million garb patterns by someone who understands how to make patterns.

Patterns + Tutorials by eqos on deviantART

The Trossfrau sock

Garments without Patterns - rectangles and triangles ingeniously used in different times and parts of the world - from the book Practical Dress Design Mabel Erwin

Friday Freebie of Awesomeness

Medieval Viking Leather Shoe Making Tutorial, based on real 9th-10th century Norse shoes! Great for reenacting, history enthusiasts, and fans of "barefoot" shoes.

Pattern based on a find in Herjolfsnes, Greenland, dating to the late 14th century. Most likely loose-fitting.

Patterns of extant garments - Undergowns, Herjolfsnes no.38

medieval shoes tutorial

Continuing on the shoes.... | Eddie Luciano

Free Medieval Sewing Patterns | Withthis basic pattern, from the SCA web site, one can simulate the ...

Medieval Clothing: A Primer

Surcoat, showing where pockets might go along the seams.

Great link for the SCA researcher or someone starting out. Colonial Lake Books - Costume Books

Colonial Lake Books - Costume Books

Overview of 15th century men's doublets Susan Reed © 1994, 2004 Check out for a men's headdress overview as well.

Overview of 15th Century Men's Doublets