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hand made button hole technique... easier than you think!

A million garb patterns by someone who understands how to make patterns.

Patterns + Tutorials by eqos on deviantART

The Trossfrau sock

Garments without Patterns - rectangles and triangles ingeniously used in different times and parts of the world - from the book Practical Dress Design Mabel Erwin

Friday Freebie of Awesomeness

Medieval Viking Leather Shoe Making Tutorial, based on real 9th-10th century Norse shoes! Great for reenacting, history enthusiasts, and fans of "barefoot" shoes.

Gusseted sca pants patterns

Pattern based on a find in Herjolfsnes, Greenland, dating to the late 14th century. Most likely loose-fitting.

Patterns of extant garments - Undergowns, Herjolfsnes no.38

Scandinavian Ankle Boot "Oseberg 172" A turnshoe design that can be dated to the 850s AD.

Historical Shoe Designs/Number 50

medieval shoes tutorial

Continuing on the shoes.... | Eddie Luciano

Free Medieval Sewing Patterns | Withthis basic pattern, from the SCA web site, one can simulate the ...

Medieval Clothing: A Primer

Surcoat, showing where pockets might go along the seams.

Another illustration of the St. Birgitta cap. Discussion is in Swedish.

Great link for the SCA researcher or someone starting out. Colonial Lake Books - Costume Books

Colonial Lake Books - Costume Books

Overview of 15th century men's doublets Susan Reed © 1994, 2004 Check out for a men's headdress overview as well.

Overview of 15th Century Men's Doublets