Come on in! Join Pinterest only takes like a second or so.

LOL, clearly we old-school geeks are just going to have to try harder to be lame....

Cyanide & Happiness #2745 -

Hahaha; so true. But I prefer to think of it as adding a bit of a mohair look to my daily office wardrobe.

At long last, it's the answer to all my home maintenance issues!

I normally don't post political cartoons, but this one I couldn't resist....

Ah, Calvin & Hobbes, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

A lot of the best "demotivator" posters have been discontinued, but this one still makes me laugh. Yeah, and I didn't write that Pullitzer-prize-winning novel, either.

Um, yeah... Let's just hope if there's ever a Zombie Apocalypse, it's the slow kind and not the kind from 28 Days Later.

(Haha, and I thought *I* was the only one who thought like this.)

Funny yet sad, how much my life imitates Dilbert. :)