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Sam's brothers are really cute!! (Sam Woolf)

Sam Woolf, now I have a reason to watch American Idol!

Sam Woolf, Jena Irene and Alex Preston teamed up to perform "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors. See more: best performance love all of them!

He's so beautiful :) sam woolf Mohawk

Sam Woolf - Lego House - Studio Version - American Idol 2014 - Top 8

1 and 1 is 3

Sam Woolf and his dog!!! This picture literally made my day♡ BUDDY!

Finally! It just dawned on me: Sam Woolf is the modern day Peter Brady.

Sam trying to recreate Jennifer's stink face. This kind of scares me, to be Honest because it speeds my heart rate up ohhhhhh

Of course Sam is. :) #samweloveyou

Him, Lou and Skylar are so freakin funny lol XD

He is so amazing!!! Luv you Sam :)

Sorry for the spamming, but I'm not done yet :) no where even near sorry

This was really cute!


Can that be me?


Sam Woolf getting his tattoo.

Sam Woolf

Her face. lol. (I so feel you sistah. ha)

Can you just imagine him saying this to you in person oh!

Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf