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Alicia Carpenter

Alicia Carpenter

I am who I am- a gamer chick, an otaku! If you wish to know anything just feel free to ask!

Pins from:

Ranma 1/2 Blu-ray Set 1 (Hyb) Special Edition

Ghost Stories DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

"For the Love of Rats: There’s a rat in my rat mug! How appropriate :) "

Arata: The Legend Graphic Novel 17

Fullmetal Alchemist Graphic Novel 19-21 Omnibus

Ranma 1/2 Graphic Novel 1-2 Omnibus

Attack on Titan: Junior High Graphic Novel 1

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Graphic Novel 1

Aria The Natural (Season 2) DVD Collection Part 2 (S) - Litebox

YADOU from Poznań, Poland.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)