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the perfect mask if you fancy being Arnold's Terminator or a Borg in the making....

False Beards (1962). I wish there were places like that today you could go to, where a makeup artist could give you any face you wanted, including facial hair and hairstyle. I have a number of hot guys lined up, whose faces I want to have applied to my face.....

I want that mission impossible mask!!!


silicone mask realistic mask Silicon Mask handsome guy mask US $680.00

I want a realistic looking mask* of his awesome and perfect face. (* of the real flesh silicone, SPFX or CFX type)

Twitter / Frankbear59:

Eli Blahut Left: with moustache photoshopped on. Right: the way normally looks. Left picture looks so mucher better.

That moustache makes him look sexier. If I was him, I would happily put on that moustache every morning.

I believe in changes

Boy, he looks sooo good. I wish I could have a mask of his face.

SPFX Masks "Handsome Guy" The Best Style

Studio 135 - Tips for Wearing Silicone Masks

Скандальное интервью певца Михаила Стасова