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giovanni demateis

giovanni demateis italian hall -

Demateis Winery, one of the many Italian wineries

Italians : El Pueblo De Los Angeles : The City of Los Angeles

A view of the San Gabriel Wine Company, "the largest in the world," begun in 1882 at Alhambra, California, between Los Angeles and San Gabriel.

The Bordeaux That Nearly Was

Calendar from Papa's winery.

Grandma and Grandpa's wedding day in China.

How to be a wine expert in one easy lesson. So clever. Made by a winery near Papa's.

Non irrigated Cucamonga black juice grapes.

Vintage label from Cal Poly Pomona collection.

Love this vintage postcard of the blessing of the grape near where papa had his winery.

Another of our family friends' winery.

The oldest winery in California, dating back to 1771, is this little building in the rear of old Mission San Gabriel in Southern California. Under this shelter, Indians supervised by the Mission Padres pressed grapes for juice to make wine on stone floors still intact. Courtesy of the Wine Institute.