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The Beautiful Art of Woodworking

Various different products of woodworking from small things to big things and anything in between! For more information on new products, Contact Us at

This cute little jewelry box was made on a bandsaw by Guillaume R.

Cool application of lathe work to a simple travel mug!

Reclaimed wood wall art 37x24x5. With shelves (not the stuff). CarpenterCraig

Cool Wood Home Office Desk

Adorable and well done wooden alien and spaceship.

Incredible detail put into this wood spaceship. Woodworking toys are pretty cool

Nice how-to, diy guide for making this wooden usb! Wonderful blend of woodworking and everyday technology

A lathe was used to turn wood into this chess set

Stunning wood-turned jar, simple and elegant

Brilliantly colored wood from a south american variety is what makes this wood turned piece stand out!

Spalted Maple turned bowl with a beautiful shine

Really cool wine rack inspired by the bull moose. Made with cherry wood by Ken Woodhead

Turning ~ this is evocative of the elements for me, flame shaped, made of earthy wood, hollowed to hold air and tear drop shaped cut outs to assimilate the water aspect. Truly a one of a kind piece.

Did you know that even Ron Swanson does some of his woodworking with a Laguna Tools Bandsaw? Cool stuff

Spencer Peterman is always on the lookout for fallen trees rotting in the woods. He gets excited about this kind of stuff. Hidden in those fallen trees — especially the ones covered by moss and dirt — is wood disfigured by the beginnings of decomposition. Turning that wood on a lathe produces strikingly unique bowls and cutting boards.

Trendoffice: Exquisite craftsmanship and rare woods

Naef Cella rare woods collection

Hand crafted wood comb, use rare wood, that gives it a natural and exquisite pattern.

wood lathe turning projects | Selected lathe projects recently completed at Buffalo Forest Products.

wood lathe turning projects | Bucket lamp + other woodturning projects | Alejandro Palandjoglou