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The Beautiful Art of Woodworking

Various different products of woodworking from small things to big things and anything in between! (We do not imply that everything pinned here was made on a Laguna machine) Contact Us at

LumiSource's new and modern Congo Barstool has a natural appeal with a contemporary edge. How would you style this bar stool?

Reclaimed Timber Chair by BELLBOY (Wood reclaimed from a New York City Water Tower)

Ghenwa Soucar - "De-lamination Table" Material: Red oak Process: Steam bending and glue lamination Originally inspired by an overlapping wave pattern, this table combines two simple two-dimensional curves to develop a complex three-dimensional form. The piece consists of four layers that appear to delaminate like a flexed deck of playing cards. Each of the four layers consist of three laminations of red oak that were steam bent, then glue laminated to lock in the final form.

Laguna Tools at IWF Atlanta 2014, Come visit us at booths 7581 & 7772! If you like what you see then tweet about it with the hashtag #LagunaIWF and follow the conversation here:

Waves of wood form staircase at SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

A true woodworker's shelf! Everything in the picture (besides the wall) was made by Paul A.

Quality side table with a unique leaf pattern in it

Awesome wooden display with squirrels in the tree holes!

Awesome bench turning table! Hopefully it has a safety latch on the back!

Beautiful cups made from Olive and Cherry wood on a lathe.

Walnut Bread Box. Not only does it look sleek, it supposedly keeps bread fresher for a longer period of time!

Awesome chicago style bandsaw box!