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Thick, Curvy && Beautiful

Thick: "nice a$$, nice legs, not skinny, with meat on your bones. thickness is the shiz" - ++++ Curvy: "She has the 'hourglass figure and has nice assets" - ++++ Beautiful, Plus size, Voluptuous, Fashion #EndBodyShame #BodyRevolution #LoveYourBody

beauty is beauty

Drawn with Curves.

Ladies we need to change this ♥

The Body Pride Project. All bodies are beautiful. Spread the word. Join the movement.

"A true Venus is beautiful at any size. #BodyRevolution Don't allow Society to tell you what beauty is. back when they first made painting and sculptors of the goddess she was represented as a round and fertile woman. It was in style to be thicker because food was a sign of money. eat up children. Life is too short." - Lady Gaga

Full-Figured Fashion - Marie Claire France Curvy Issue Highlights Plus-Sized Pictorials (GALLERY)

Full-Figured Fashion

#AnneTaintor // honey, you couldn't handle half of me

Anne Taintor 2009 Wall Calendar (Anne Taintor) (Calendar)

Curvy Fashion. Accept no rules. Fashion Freedom. You are curvy. You are beautiful.

What If Famous Paintings Were Photoshopped to Look Like Fashion Models? All bodies are beautiful but this is interesting.

This lady is brave and beautiful. I've never seen anyone look so hot with armpit hair. Rock it gurrrrl. Flaunt it. #BodyPositive

Denise Bidot, modeling a t-shirt design by Zizzi Jeans.