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❥ Elite Illuminati Shape Shifter Overlord. Clearly his eyes are looking reptilian. Human eyes do not look like that. Why did they print the cover photo like this?

~ Angels And Demons Of Nature ~

Reptilian - A race of alien reptile-like humanoids that are said to live in caves and tunnels beneath the Earth's surface; It is believed that they have a secret cult-like society and have been responsible for disappearances throughout history.

okay, thats it.. next in line for a baby I want to make this for you!

queenbee1924: (via Jonny Petros Artist Decorator Rococo Blue … | Marie Antoinette ♛ 1…)

thk: Beloved looks so tired and sad. Cheer up dear and take some rest. Always loving you.

Sometimes the right placement makes a tattoo funny, sometimes it makes it especially poignant.