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Art simple faces1 Practical Pages

Portrait: My Other Half. love love love this.

Screamy portraits with straw-blown hair. I love that her students interpreted this as exploding brains!

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Every element addressed: line, shape, color, texture, value, space. Principles addressed: pattern, emphasis, contrast (in color). Media used: Pencil (practice), oil pastel, pen/ink, watercolor, clay (model magic). Techniques: drawing, painting, sculpting, collage. Great lesson with links for sketchbook assignments for contour line drawing self-portrait practice.

Gorgeous Paul Klee portraits. These are my favorite of all that I have seen! Art teacher Anne Farrell had 1st graders go over their drawings with orange paint and a roller before coloring with soft pastels. Beautiful effect!

Trace their face from a photo onto acetate. Paint or collage colors underneath for a new/abstract face.

Grow Creative: Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Art Rocks!: 3rd Grade MONSTER MAMA book to use with portrait lesson on this site. Awesome!

Julian Opie Style Portraits Tutorial - Asia Region Art Educators

from Art Projects for Kids blog: Lichtenstein Style Portraits. Post includes downloadable benday dot handout

Art Projects for Kids: Lichtenstein Style Portraits