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one of the most useful herbs for chickens....Artemisia Silver Mound - Place clippings in nesting boxes to repel poultry lice mites naturally

Lemon verbena. Great for chickens. Keeps pesties out of the nesting boxes.

Hang bunches of yarrow in your coop for optimal respiratory health.

Natural Baby Chick Diet. A good-quality chick feed really IS all a baby chick needs to be healthy, but I do introduce a few 'treats' early on so they develop the taste for them and also achieve optimal health. I make sure their feed is the main component of their diet but add small amounts of the following:

  • Leslie Aitken

    Oats - help clear up/prevent pasty butt (raw, ground) Scrambled eggs - contain every nutrient needed for life except Vitamin C (baby chick absorbs the yolk in the egg it develops in just before hatching, so feeding them eggs is pretty natural) Chickweed - this weed is a nutrition powerhouse ( I chop it up into small pieces) Oregano - natural antibiotic thought to combat coccidiosis. E. coli and more (fresh, chopped)

  • Leslie Aitken

    Sage - thought to combat salmonella (fresh, chopped) Parsley - wonderfully nutritious herb (fresh,chopped) Probiotic powder - grows good bacteria in the digestive tract (mixed into feed) Garlic - Awesome immune system booster (powder in the feed or fresh minced) Dirt - acts as the 'grit' they need to help them digest what they're eating and also introduces small amounts of some of the pathogens and bacteria in their environment to them to stimulate and boost their immune systems.

Baby chick play yard...simple! PVC pipe + Chicken wire + Zip ties = Happy chicks :)

chicken tractor ground gap solution

Chicken Tractor Ground Gap Solution

So far, one pound of dry grain grows to over six pounds of nine-day old sprouted fodder. That means that we can turn a 50-pound bag of barley seed, that costs $14.50, into over 300-pounds of food for our livestock!

Old pipe new chicken coop

If only you could keep bored kids busy with a hanging cabbage! It's like tetherball for chickens.

Cold weather Chickens.... Buckeye, Chantecler, & Rhode Island Red, Wyandottes, Domininiques, Dorkings. Icelandic.....(About)

"Chickens will clutch your hand for security, much as a little child will do."