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Operation: Scarf Organization | my green pen

My scarf organization thanks to two pins that I liked--towel bar and shower curtain rings! Makes me smile!

Purse storage for the top of my closet

Park-a-PurseĀ™ Organizer

TANK TOP SPACE SAVER - Picked up a few curtain rings from the dollar store....and viola! All your tanks now neatly organized on one hanger.

So much wasted space in those giant cabinets. I need to do this. (I got some stacking baskets and drawer organizers at Target and essentially did this under my sink. I love how easy everything is to find now. - K)

Post-it Note To-Do List [Tutorial] : a great To-Do list makeover from a professional organizer with a background in family therapy.

How did I not think of this before - hang several wooden silverware organizers on the wall for jewelry storage! Maybe even put a mirror on hinges to act as a door. Nice idea! And i like this. now to decide which --this or the shower hooks

A guide to organizing your wardrobe [Infographic]...I love to have an organized closet...and it is very important to me to know & have easy access to every item I own...I would really like to pare down what I do have though to mimic the very few items that at essentials on this list-- this is a must, I can't even fit all the clean clothes in the closet!

Here's a great way to store your nail polish and to be able to see each color when you open the box. #storage

color coordinated ribbon organization

Living out of a makeup bag makes me feel like I'm traveling. Organize your bathroom drawers and make your morning pretty.