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Kindergarten/ Addition

Making subitizing cards! Helping kids with addition fact fluency!

Kindergarten and Mooneyisms: Domino Addition With Manipulatives

First grade math Addition strategies

flash cards in a mini photo album-teacher tipster

"Face Off" addition game - Kids roll 2 dice and get to eat the candy heart that is on the sum. (Free idea from Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten.)

Simple Addition video, whiteboards while watching

Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree: Sweet Treats Math Centers - FREEBIE

Classroom Freebies Too: Games for Making 5

Kindergarten math strategies

Math Coachs Corner: It All Adds Up. There is a lot of difference of thought over basic math facts--how and even if they should be memorized. The truth is that facts are like the sight words of math. Students need to be fluent with their basic facts to free up their mental energy to tackle tougher mathematics.

Butter It Math! - Common Core - This is an addition game that can be placed in a center or used as homework or morning work. $

One student calls out an answer while other erases the problem.

Adding and Subtracting Song- (Add means put together... Subtract means take away!)

Frog Spot: Number Games; Free Worksheet

The friends of 10 A song to help children remember addition facts of 10.

Mrs. Jones's kinder class SNAP game to gain 0-5 addition fluency

  • Sharon Pauley

    partner game- take cubes (they are working with five) and one child hides it behind back and snap, breaks it apart and brings out one hand. Partner says number fact, 1+4=5 so their are four cubes behind your back. love it!