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To continue to bring you the best and boldest in sex ed, Zestra has partnered with on the enlightening (and entertaining!) infographic below. For example, did you know that 86% of women think they have low sex drive? For more excellent intel, check it out below. (And feel free to share it with friends, neighbors and the followers of your blog!)

Get the Skinny on the Female Libido | Zestra Blog

il CAROSELLO del DOMANI by Federico Mariani, via Behance

Last November, Facebook flipped Stanley Milgram's "six degrees of separation" theory on its head and showed that we're a lot closer than you might think. Today, Facebook launched a new interactive map of the world's friendships — a partnership with the data visualization wizards at the Stamen design studio — that illustrates some of the ways we're connected. The map ...represent[s] the world's countries to show which ones share the most friendships, and many times, even explain why.

tracking carbon emissions via treehugger

Teething Chart