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Here are 3 ways to grow HUNDREDS of pounds of potatoes in only 4 square feet - SurvivalistDaily.... #homesteading #gardening

Secret Garden of Survival: How to grow a camouflaged food- forest by Rick Austin {garden book}

Homemade Outdoor Stove--another thing to do with pallets. This will be my new canning stove

Recipe for crunchy Dill Pickles ~ easy to make and delicious!

Off Grid Info - Food Independence - Where To Get Heirloom Seeds - Non-GMO Seeds - Organic Seeds

Freeze fresh herbs in oil to preserve them. They can be added to soups, stews, roasts, or even just cook your onion and garlic in these herb infused oils to add delicious flavoring.

Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks from the University of North Texas - Learn tried-and-true methods of building and maintaining your small farm or homestead from old-time US Department of Agriculture books and bulletins.

Growing A Garden For Canning – How To PLAN TO CAN and Save Big! - It seems that every year, more and more people are coming back to the art and joy of gardening. Not just because they love the feel of getting their hands in the soil – but because they ultimately want to feed their families better tasting and healthier food while saving money. As food prices continue to rise – people are looking to the garden to offset the cost.

Facts & Myths About Do-It-Yourself Long Term Dry Food Packing. read later

Epsom Salt as Plant Fertilizer Encourage green growth on your house plants by applying a solution of 2 tablespoons salt to 1 gallon water once a month. Natural Goat and Alpaca Care, Second Ed. (9780643065253): Pat Coleby, Pat Coleby: Books. wish I could figure out who borrowed mine and never returned it. was an amazing book.

Square Foot Planting Guide. wow

Raising rabbits is one of the simplest things you can do on your homestead. Not only do they require little attention, but they also provide a great amount of meat. Originally titled

The Guide to Raising and Breeding Rabbits for Meat

Urban Farming Guys - LOTS of info on worms, hydroponics, chickens, tilapia, produce, goats, etc!!! read later

easy square foot garden idea. good idea, use for tweaking the greenhouse planting maybe