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Patio Ideas

These patio ideas are some of the finest from the web, Pinterest, and . We're gathering new ideas all the time to help inspire us for new designs. This is a great collection that has quite a few unique examples of types of materials, decor, and planting for all types of backyard patios and courtyards both small and big. Thanks to all the wonderful and talented designers, gardeners, and landscapers who have created all these beautiful and inspiring patios.

A very large backyard patio that extends the entire length of the home.

This simple small round patio has a sense of seclusion and separation from the rest of the yard but still remains part of the larger landscape. A good example of making different rooms in backyard landscaping.

A SPANISH COLONIAL Patio that will work well with Southwest, Mediterranean, Spanish and Mexican homes. From the building materials to the flooring to the decor to the furniture to the types of plants used, this covered backyard patio has some great ideas for a lot of different style homes.

Luxury Portfolio

An enclosed Southwest design style patio with outdoor fireplace and shelf seating attached to Southwest color stucco walls.

Luxury Portfolio

A Southwest design - The elements that create the Southwest atmosphere of this patio are obvious. Earth tone flagstone and other stone work create the atmosphere without any other help than from the borrowed scenery.

Luxury Portfolio

Southwest style covered patio with outdoor fireplace.

Southwest Outdoor Fireplace Patio - A covered patio like this often becomes one of the most used areas of the entire home. Regardless of weather, Winter, or Summer this outdoor room is a great design idea.

Secret garden - I just like enclosed courtyard patios like this. A great place to just hide out on hot days. The rustic style works well with almost any home style. Awesome artist garden alley

Round Tile Floor Patio - This is a great idea for a small garden or simple sitting area.

Round Tile Floor Patio