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Bucket List Happy Hour Spots Around The World

We all enjoy happy hour, but believe it or not they're not all made the same. Here are my favorite spots to enjoy a drink around the world.

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This happy hour spot is the ultimate in bucket list items. A cruise to Antarctica is a must-do for any adventure traveler. But it's not all rough and tumble, the cruise ships are comfortable places to relax at night and watch the ice float by.

One of my favorite destinations in the world is Iceland, and one of the top spots to visit in this northern country is the famous Blue Lagoon. Enjoy a beverage in the cafe overlooking to healing, blue waters of the spa for a tranquil happy hour.

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When it comes to craft beers in the US, there are few better places to visit than Colorado. Stop by this brewery for a sample of their hearty brews, doubly impactful since you're at elevation.

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Cruising along the Mekong River in Laos is ideal for a happy hour, especially if you can enjoy it on your own private island. Either enjoy a French wine or the more local lao lao spirit as you watch the sun set behind the mountains.

San Francisco is a great place for happy hours, but no where can you have more fun than at this traditional speakeasy.

Wineries are almost always beautiful spots to enjoy a happy hour, but this winery in New Zealand has the claim of being the most photographed in the world - something that's easy to believe when you visit.

St Kitts is a popular destination for sun worshipers, but thanks to a vibrant local culture it's also a great place to enjoy a happy hour. Head down to any 1 of a number of beach shacks for local drinks, food and amazing views.

Cognac is more than a flashy drink for pop stars, it's a time honored tradition in France and a visit to the family who manufacture this potent potable will give you a whole new appreciation for the libation. Plus these views make it a great spot for a happy hour.

Napa Valley, California is always a good choice for picturesque happy hours, but it's also fantastic for the nibbles to accompany the wine. Try a vinegar tasting for a truly unique experience.

If you love wine, Spain is the place for you. Wine is everywhere and is common throughout the day. Using this oddly shaped porron though is a challenge even before the drinking begins.

Jenever is a juniper flavored liquor from which gin evolved and today is only found in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ghent, Belgium is the perfect backdrop to your first jenever experience, just be careful, this is strong stuff!

It seems like all of Hawaii is the perfect spot for a fun happy hour, but Duke's in Waikiki is one of my favorite. An iconic bar and restaurant, no trip to Honolulu is complete without a stop here.

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A key ingredient to the perfect happy hour is ambiance, and no where is it better than on this tropical island.

The Caribbean may be famous for its rum, but so is Bermuda. Located in the Atlantic about 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Goslings rum is the drink of choice for locals and tourists alike. Try it in the famous mixed drink, the Dark n Stormy.

  • Sharon Oakley

    Love this like to see what you are walking in.

  • Karen Louise Marshall

    all those shades of blue/green are so beautiful, soothing, peaceful & intoxicating to my eyes, to my very soul.

  • Susan Brown

    Maybe when I retire...beautiful blue & green clear waters are calling my name.

  • Karen Louise Marshall

    Hi Susan! I am retired, & unfortunately can't afford a 1-way ticket to those tropical blue-green green-blue sultry lovely water colors surrounding many blessed islands!

  • Shelli Cleary

    I have family there :)

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One of the first cocktails ever created, Sazerac is a unique blend of whiskey and absinthe and there is no where better to try it than in New Orleans.

Not every happy hour has to include alcohol and in Sweden coffee is an afternoon tradition. Fika is the term used by Swedes to describe spending time with friends in the afternoon, having a snack and a cup of coffee. It's a marvelous tradition and one I got used to right away.

Going on safari in Africa is on most of our buck list's, but so should the Sundowner. This bush happy hour happens on most safari experiences and gives visitors the chance to enjoy a cocktail while in the middle of the wild.

One of my favorite experiences is enjoying a drink and tapas at an outdoor cafe in Spain. There's nothing like the laid back lifestyle in Spain, best seen in its robust cafe culture.

New Orleans has a reputation for great cocktails, including the king of them - the Hurricane. Originally developed at the world famous Pat O'Briens, this is a must sample drink for all visitors to the Big Easy.

Everyone knows that Italy is famous for gelato, but did you know you can also have gelato for happy hour? During the Firenze Gelato Festival in Florence, visitors can sample a very unique gelato cocktail, a great sweet treat for adults.

Dubrovnik in Croatia is famous for its beauty, but it's also a great town to explore. The city is made up of hundreds of narrow alleyways, hiding shops, restaurants and cafes like the D'vino wine bar. This is one of my favorite spots to people watch and enjoy being with friends.

  • Lizzie Loca

    i am a recovering alcoholic so it might seem ironic that i am pinning this but these are all such pretty places :)

European Christmas Markets are magical experiences, but they're also great places to eat and to enjoy happy hour. Try a traditional warm, mulled wine to warm those chilly nights.

Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful city, but one of the best spots to grab a drink and watch the sun set is at the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa with views of the nearby mountains.

My favorite restaurant in Bangkok also provides some of the city's best views. Stop here for a quick drink and stay for dinner!

This cliff-side cafe in Dubrovnik is hard to find, but well worth it for these amazing views.