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Best Holidays Ever

Whether you’re frenzied or unflappable, we’ve got all the tools you need to make this year memorable — and a whole lot easier.

Holiday Reindeer Treats #BestHolidaysEver

Holiday Reindeer Treats | Land O'Lakes
  • Sarah Christensen

    I don't believe it to be possible to perfectly cut pretzels like that, I've tried!!! A lot!!! Fortunately these still look great with uneven "antlers" so it doesn't matter, haha :)

Peppermint Sleds #BestHolidaysEver

Peppermint Sleds | Land O'Lakes

Once you’ve softened your brown sugar, bake up a plate of Double Drizzled Toffee Crisps and bring some holiday cheer to the office. #BestHolidaysEver

Double Drizzled Toffee Crisps | Land O'Lakes

Cocoa or baking chocolate — either way, you’re ready to make Double Chocolate Cinnamon Mini Cupcakes. #BestHolidaysEver

Double Chocolate Cinnamon Mini Cupcakes | Land O'Lakes

Dip tasty treats in chocolate and your holiday dessert table is done. #BestHolidaysEver

Chocolate: The Irresistible Treat | Land O'Lakes

Wow the teacher — or your colleagues — or anyone on your list — with a box of ooey-gooey, salty and sweet Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. #BestHolidaysEver

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels | Land O'Lakes

Best Ever Butter Toffee #BestHolidaysEver

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Best Ever Butter Toffee | Land O'Lakes

5 Tips for Holiday Candy Making Success | Land O'Lakes

Browned butter is a holiday baker’s secret weapon. It transforms blondies from humdrum bars into gift-worthy treats. #BestHolidaysEver

Browned Butter Blondies | Land O'Lakes

Every good holiday host has a signature appetizer recipe. These Cranberry Spinach Blue Cheese Puffs could be yours. #BestHolidaysEver

Cranberry Spinach Blue Cheese Puffs | Land O'Lakes

Five-Spice S’More Sticks and more easy holiday recipes. #BestHolidaysEver

Five-Spice S'more Sticks | Land O'Lakes

One of the best-kept kitchen secrets is how easy gougeres are to make. #BestHolidaysEver

Red Pepper Asiago Gougère Bites | Land O'Lakes

You can’t go wrong with a childhood classic like Holiday Ginger Cookies. #BestHolidaysEver

Holiday Ginger Cookies | Land O'Lakes

Whoops! Forgot the appetizers? Don’t worry, you can whip up this Mediterranean Cracker Spread in minutes. #BestHolidaysEver

Mediterranean Appetizer Cracker Spread | Land O'Lakes

Savory Parmesan Thumbprints and more holiday entertaining recipes. #BestHolidaysEver

Savory Parmesan Thumbprints | Land O'Lakes

Caramel Nut Logs — a classic candy bar, straight from your kitchen. #BestHolidaysEver

Caramel Nut Logs | Land O'Lakes

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints — a classic all holiday bakers should have in their repertoires. #BestHolidaysEver

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints | Land O'Lakes

Whether you want to watch your guests’ eyes light up or just watch the tree lights twinkle by yourself, Fudgy Peppermint Cake is indulgently perfect. #BestHolidaysEver

Fudgy Peppermint Cake | Land O'Lakes

Browned Butter Blondies and more updated holiday classics. #BestHolidaysEver

Browned Butter Blondies | Land O'Lakes

Keep Candy Cane Dessert Squares in the freezer and you’ve got dessert ready when the impromptu caroling party ends at your house. #BestHolidaysEver

Candy Cane Dessert Squares | Land O'Lakes

Red Velvet Cookie Dough Truffles. Pretty little bites of joy from @The Little Kitchen | Julie Deily for #CookieChatter.

Red Velvet Cookie Dough Truffles | Land O'Lakes