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Leeks growing in terracotta pipes

cool step risers made from terracotta pipes, spotted in Tucson

from container gardening alliance - mosaic terracotta pipes

Lanes Ceramics clay pipes make a beautiful feature wall

Lane's Ceramic Works: Photo Gallery - Floors/BrinkLanes2

Upcycled Garden Art | EarthCraft with terracotta clay pipes

Upcycled Garden Art

Terra-cotta pipe and plaster wine wall-build in an old basement...

COTE DE TEXAS: The Octagon Home

Bamboo Tamer Here's an attractive way to prevent invasive plants such as dwarf bamboo from overrunning your garden: Plant them in terra-cotta chimney flue tiles. Use a tile with a diameter that is at least 4 inches wider than the plant's root ball. Sink the tile into the soil so that the lip sticks up 1 inch; plant inside the tile.

Lanes Ceramics clay pipes make this cellar awesome, our tiles are also laid on the floor

Lane's Ceramic Works: Photo Gallery - Floors/BrinkLanes1

clay pipes like this would be perfect for herbs or trailing plants on the patio or deck. Perfect if space is limited.