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▶ TUTORIAL The making of a wire wrapped pendant - silver daisies on a red agate gems bead - YouTube

  • Deborah Cole

    Very unusual way to create a framed picture with the stone and wires. Fabulous!

A lovely wire horse tutorial.

Christmas is coming..........

Wire-Wrapped Pendant for Beginners from Happy Hour Projects

Wire-Wrapped Pendant for Beginners


  • Ashley Bentley

    The link and the website don't work :( Anyone have a cached version of the page? Really want to make this particular design. Cheers :)

  • Lani N Ken Angers

    sorry, I couldn't find it either. :)

  • Regina Pickering

    This is a Lisa Barth design. She does have a shop on Etsy, so you could contact her regarding this design.

TUTORIAL: Love Pendants

Love Pendants |

Good video on wire wrapping technique that can be modified for several different types of pendants (esp those that are irregularly shaped). // Update: I sat down with the wire and tools I had and wrapped a round pendant with no problem! Easy to follow video.

Wire Wrap a Pendant With Video

dragon necklace wire wrap tutorial

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