How to Make Rustic Tailgate Treat Stand- I LOVE that color! I wonder where I could find it. Home Depot didn't have it that's for sure.

Rustic Tailgate Treat Stand »

Super similar to how my husband built my desk (just different parts) and I LOVE it! - - - - - - - - This DIY Office Desk Is Super-Sturdy, Built from IKEA Kitchen Parts

pallet bench | window seat | reading nook Feather pillows used until we get the seat cushion made. Lovely!

Put an old mailbox in the garden to hold your everyday tools. Great idea.

Antique 1900s Chair Top Jewelry Organizer, Storage, Display, Painted, Repurposed $52

laboratory spice rack

Кухонная лаборатория | Территория Ванессы Ли

DIY Spice Rack

BluKatKraft: DIY Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack/Storage

Creative Ways to Decorate with Air Plants! • Lots of Projects & Tutorials!

epoxy paint for concrete | studio update | remodel | small spaces

repurposed changing table | painted & distressed | new knobs | DIY $40 garage sale! Paint $ new knobs make it the perfect product cabinet for my studio. The wardrobe on the right is perfect for my over-sized Print samples

Vintage Hil-Rom bedside cabinets| Medical cabinet | Repurposed | DIY bought a set for $40 at a garage sale! Love what a can of paint can do.


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