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Sexy Cats

They can't help that they were born so attractive.

Model life chose me. I didn't choose it.

I had to quit my professional science career because I am just too attractive.

I'm not vain. I was discovered in a shopping mall by a model scout.

I am not a professional model, I am just having some pictures taken for my Xmas cards.

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I try to dress down and make myself less stunning. But it's hard. I was born so extremely attractive.

I can make or break a fashion designer just by sneezing on one of their dresses.

I have been proposed to 87 times. Men can barely handle my extreme beauty.

Lots of people tell me that I should be a professional model.

I never work out, ever. I was born naturally slim and extremely beautiful.

Most women are threatened by my beauty.

It isn't easy being this beautiful. Everybody wants a piece of you.

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