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All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap. So cool! Art project

Rock, Paper, Scissors - The work of Julien Vallée. Published by Gestalten


Bao Pham – Imagination

Woods | Lepommier

This painting was inspired by the obscure definition I found in a vintage dictionary: "Limen: in experimental psychology, the threshold of an appreciable stimulus". This got me imagining Rorschach tests and remembering reading 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test', so I used some bright hues of liquid watercolor and embedded the text and a thread on the canvas underneath a layer of sheer fabric. The fabric blurs the detail and gives this piece a hazy quality which somehow seems appropriate considering the psychology reference. The fabric is neatly wrapped around the edges, so it's ready to hang and doesn't require framing. This piece measures 5" x 7", so it fits easily on a shelf, in a cubicle or on any wall with a simple picture nail. An interesting bit of text amidst the vibrant colors of this piece make it a great gift for the psych student, therapist or mental case in your life ;).