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My life. This has saved me from buying things so many times!

first world problems - Dump A Day

In my family we don't hide crazy... We parade it around and give it a drink!

The speed in which a woman saysnothing when asked what's wrong isinverselyproportional to theseverity of theshit-stormthat's coming.

I worry that kids won't know what the pound sign is and the automated voice will have to say 'please press the hashtag button' L.W.H.

HA HA HA HA PEOPLE WHO DO THIS BOTHER ME TO NO END !! !! WHY !!??!!?? WHY DO THAT IT MAKES NO SENSE. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE OR HEAR THAT SO WHY POST IT FOR ALL 100 OF YOUR " Friends ". They DON'T CARE !! If you feel the need to do this just go buy a journal. It will make the world a better place.

i don't always have mud on my paws but when i do i make sure to step on everything

wow ain't that the truth


Sometimes I think that I'm a good and charming young lady. But then I remember that I love sex, booze and junk food.