I like this cut, though I think I'd prefer the piece in front of the ear to be tapered to a point (more pixie style) than the straight line that is shown here.

Someday when I own my business and dont have a Corp job!!! Reminds me of Katy Perry and I love it!

how to volumize your flat hair...trick from the 60's.

KRISTANLYNN.COM: bump it with no “bump it” | hair volume tutorial

always wanted auburn hair - finally had the guts to do it after watching ms. america last summer. the color was perfect for my vintage, garden wedding!

Girl,Make up - inspiring picture on

perfect purple hair. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove It!!!!!!!!

Love this color..gorgeous

Hair color - Fashion Jot- Latest Trends of Fashion

Messy Updo - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

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