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Roses tattoo, realistic. How do they do that??

Mark my words, I will have this tattoo upon my top sleeve!

I really want this but instead of forever I would put something else..... And it would. Be smaller.... And cuter..... And somewhere different.... Haha so basically I just like the connecting words inside the Texas line.. But yeah :)

I like the lower bird because it's flying up. I really like the shading on it. Shoulder

Traditional Swallow Tattoo

When I'm old and wrinkled, and all the nursing home aides see my tattoos when they bathe me, they'll snicker and say 'She must have been wild in her day!'

My Lili flower tattoo, extends from my hip to my shoulder! i Love it! Great work, thanks Mike McMahon.

i'm the hero of this story tattoo. I like this because it shows your independent.

I like the rugged looking roses, they almost look like they'd be in a comic book... beautiful but not soft

Book Tattoo. Done at Victory Tattoo in Derby, Kansas.