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True Horrible Crimes

WARNING! This gallery contains grafic images that some viewers my find disturbing.

You've heard of the Kent State shootings and you may know of the Jackson State killings -- but do you know about the Orangeburg massacre? On Feb. 8, 1968, three students were killed and 28 were injured in Orangeburg, South Carolina — most shot in the back by the state police while protesting segregation at the local bowling alley.

A teenager who raped a 11-year-old girl in McDonald's washroom has been sentenced. But the six-month prison termed has irked victim's group as they feel it is too light and called for a life sentence. The 16-year-old was just one among a gang of teens who raped the little girl.

RIP 5 year old Soren Chilson: She was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend.

RIP 2 year old James Livesay: Abused and beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend.

RIP 1 year old Christopher Miller: He died after his father put methadone and herion in his bottle when he awoke fussy in the middle of the night.

How sad no one did a thing on the bus, but take video and post it...others called the police.....sad people snap out of it ....children need protection...they cannot protect themselves.

If you suspect abuse or know of a child being abused 1-800-4-A-CHILD. What a sick people, when this child was 2 months old dad was accused of putting alcohol in his feeding tube .causing a seizure...well his mom put germ x in his feeding tube and this precious, beautiful boy died of acute alcohol then admits she is the one that tried to kill him in first incident...SHE HAS NO REMORSE...well sounds like to needs to be executed immediately.

Jonas Stadden had down syndrome he was "temporarily" removed from parents only to end up dead while with foster parents. The parents had been to court to get their son no avail now he is failure of the system...suppose to protect this child. RIP Jonas

Pass the Pinwheel for Child Abuse Prevention!

Couple charged with murder in beating death of the woman's toddler son...he was found with OVER 230 bite marks, bruises, and other injuries....death penalty would be the best thing for these two p.o.s.

RIP 2 year old Aiden Calvo: He was abused, tortured and beaten to death by his mother and his father.

This baby died as a result of a meth fire. His parents were cooking meth in the garage when a fire broke out. After running out, theyh realized that neither had the child. He had burns over 30 percent of his body and his just couldn't fight it.

This 2 1/2 yr old was beaten to death by his step father...what kills me this child's face is bruised so bad yet he is still come no one reported this obvious abuse? National Hotline 1-800-4-A-Child

9 year old boy called 911 because of abuse...6 months later found beaten to death...the officer who went to house failed this little boy!!! He paid with his life...they have released the recording of this little boy calling 6 MONTHS before being beaten to death...I will never high with the angels little one.

Baby girl beaten by stepfather so badly, suffers brain injury and blindness. ‘… injuries suggest that the girl had been slammed onto a hard surface and someone must have pushed down on her fractured skull to send bone fragments into her brain.’ ~ The Doctors

New father killed his five-week-old son by slamming his face into cot because he felt fatherhood meant 'his life was over' - then lied and made the baby's mother a you know what Riley's life was worth 6 years 5 months that is all this pos got...that is one reason people keep doing this crap. He loser you don't want a baby keep it in your pants or get a vasectomy.

'Drunk' couple arrested over death of 6-week-old daughter..Rip Kadence you beautiful little angel. I don't buy the parents story at all. The house and this precious one were filthy and she was covered in fecal matter and diaper rash...yet they did nothing to harm her...

Omg people are so evil the hell this 3 year old went through, and now is fighting for his life because of is unfathomable. I'm praying for you little guy and I cant describe what i would like to happen to the animals who did this to you. Hang in little man and fight...

RIP 2 year old Brandon Kemp: Abused and tortured by his mother and her boyfriend. Beaten to death while potty training.

RIP 3 month old Jamison Gray: Police said his father allegedly smoked marijuana & lost track of time while his son, Jamison Gray, sat in the hot car outside of BT's Sports Pub near Scottsdale and Thunderbird roads for about an hour.

Does this make you sick? Change the world one child at a them because they don't have free will.