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My Cougar Crushes

Yes, they are allowed. After 25 years of marriage I think I can as many imaginary courgar crushes as I wish as long as I don't really believe anything would ever happen. I love and adore my Hubby, but gosh, some of these men are smart and cute and just make it easier to pass a half an hour when I need to....especially when there is a lot of pain involved. I am allowed to have cougar crushes.

Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller ~ Sons Of Anarchy) just knocked Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty out of his place. Charlie is officially my new cougar crush!!! SOA rules!!!!

Hugh Laurie!!!! Ever since Dr. House did the segment on "It was Lupus" I loved him more. Really getting into his music. Lovely steel blue eyes to gaze into!!!!!

Hugh Laurie. Actor, singer and one gorgeous man!!!!

Gorgeous man who has one of the kindest souls. Talent Extrodinaire !!!

Lenny Kravitz...please DON'T put anymore clothes on!!!!! Singer, songwriter, producer, all around humanitarian. Not too bad on the eyes either!!!!

Lovely to look at, a genius without a doubt. Pharrell may be a NERD but he's marvelous to look at and talented beyond one's wildest dreams!!!

Pharrell Williams. Singer, songwriter, actor, producer, clothing designer, furniture designer. This man owns his own record label, BBC has been going strong for over 10 years. A true entrepreneur!!! Gorgeous, simply Devine!!!

Thank you Russian Vogue. Adam Levine....things that make you go hhmmmm

Nigel Barker. Once a model, now a famous photographer and fashion go to extrodianaire. He's married and I think he is some yummy, yummy candy. Gorgeous and fresh and delish!!! It never hurts to look once or twice or ten times!!!!

Once again I have stumbled upon a photo of my superduper crush Willie Robertson. I am sure this will pass quickly....he's a true redneck...but cute as a button.

Kanye West, I know he loves himself, but I am sure somwhere in his heart he has love for someone else...he's also lovely to look at :)

Dennis Haybert...yes the All State man, but a great actor..and oh so luscious to look at....:)

This is the ultimate man to me. Willie Robertson of the company "Duck Commanders". His family is currently starring in the show "Ducky Dynasty". I have fallen in love all over again...and with a redneck at that...oh well...