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Daniil Timofeev is works for Life Lab, a multimedia Russian studio.....pretty cool...not sure what to make of it

What is Foot Reflexology? Foot Reflexology has become a well respected ADJUNCT to regular medical care.It is used in Hospitals, by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to enhance MOST forms of medical treatments. Foot reflexology can help ease the pain of achy joints and muscles, relieve headaches and toothaches, improve the functioning of major systems of the body.

food color chart

by calientexoxo

For an heiress, your Her-cedes Benz can come fully encrusted in diamonds. Order up Dadeee (best Brit accent)!

Ink Cartridge Low? Not true... this totally works, my printer stopped printing, saying there was no ink, I reset the cartridge and then printed 50 more documents and the ink still hasn't run out!!! good.

This is not Photoshop. It is real ! The Crooked House was built in 2004 and inspired by the paintings and drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer, a Polish artist and illustrator of children’s books, and Per Dahlberg, a Swedish painter.


How to float. 1: Pour some water. 2: Step away from water. 3: Take a photo

Gob Bless all the servicemen/ women who have given up their lives and unfortunately families as well in the pursuit of a better world. RIP GENARO BEDOY