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Mon - day off, Tue - Tempo, Wed - LSD, Thur - Tempo, Fri - Hit, Sat -LSD, Sun - Hit

The Little Black Dress Workout: 13 moves to get slim, strong and sexy in 4 weeks

At home CrossFit workout

Twitter / HeaIthyTips: Shape up without leaving your ...

How to Ditch Your Pooch: Kneel on the floor behind a stability ball. Place your forearms on top of the ball, hands clasped to start. Contract your abs and roll the ball forward as far as possible without bending back or hunching shoulders (shown above). Hold for 2 counts, then return to start for one rep. Do 2 sets of 15 reps.

An extremely useful essential oil chart listing out therapeutic properties of each essential oil, it is a must-have for every essential oil user.

Exercise on a body part and it tells you the best exercise to do at home. (butt, triceps, shoulders, abs, etc) awesome. I'll be ready for my sweetheart wedding dress with the arm workouts:)

6 Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders | nutritionallyweal...

7 Ways to Shrink Your Muffin Top. Lose weight, tone, and sculpt your body. Get fit & healthy!

32 Detox Drinks- to cleanse your body and flush out toxins.

Get rid of that muffin top!

Weekly workout you can do at home

Reasonable meal plan for weight loss. (3 variations for each meal geared for 15, 10, or 5 lb per month weight loss)

Bob Harper's Fat Blasting 20 min Workout! Who doesn't love Bob?!

Bob Harper's Fat-Blasting Workout

The Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Diet: Healthy Lunches Under 400 Calories

Yoga For Sciatica - Do it almost everyday, sometimes twice. Don't know if Sciatica is my problem, but these work really well for general lower back pain, too. All but one are easy to do, so I just skip the one rather than hurt myself falling over trying it. Also, for two of them, you start from "Downward facing dog"...I have found that holding that one helps too.