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...forget the outfit...when my bra and undies match I'm like a boss!

Sometimes when my underwear

My The Complete Sex Guide: Second Life Sex Guide 2012 by Misty Crimsonlay. $0.99. notloseyourself.c.... 14 pages

Things About Boyfriends dear alie i am dating someone his name is jay he live 2 house down we start on the 6 of july on a satday i love him so much And he is going to are school he is goimg to be a 9th grand.

I dont understand why people keep using the hyperbole and a half drawing as a meme because ITS NOT A MEME MY GOD I BET THE PEOPLE WHO USE IT DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT ITS FROM.

Remember the days when people just assumed you were otherwise occupied and didn't freak out if you didn't answer the phone? Let's go back to that please.

lent calendar I did this with my catechism class. The children posted this on their fridge.

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i cant wait to tell my kids how many times i survived the end of the world, funny quotes

Schmackebätzchen — michele1980: micheals-domain: M ...

I never really knew what it was like to drink a beer with a best friend, until you and I drank beer together!

Milky pens… 90's kids stuff. I really do miss them and the black paper notebooks that they were made to write on so they'd show up better...