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Person of Interest: God Mode: Find the Answer -- Reese and Shaw attempt to find the location of the machine. --

Reese and Shaw go to a High School reunion in "Most Likely To..." S3E19

Root, Fusco, Reese, Shaw, and Finch... Like I needed another reason to want to go...

(81) person of interest | Tumblr From mdtome Reese and Shaw.

Reese and Shaw

Spring Finales 2013 Photos: Reese and Shaw on

Spring Finales 2013 Photos: Reese and Shaw on

Shaw and Reese Scout S3 E15

Shaw and Reese Scout S3 E15

Shaw & Reese

Shaw and Reese at a party.

Person of Interest: Time to step this show up a notch. know...just make sure Reese amd Finch keep wearing perfectly tailored suits.

Reese and Finch with their dog Bear on the tv show, Person of Interest.

October 15, 2012. Taraji P. Henson, Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson of Person of Interest

"Person of Interest" best t.v. show!!!

Person of Interest

James Caviezel - a man of faith in Hollywood

James Caviezel-Mr. Reese

James Caviezel....Have you ever seen anything more sexy?

James Caviezel, James Caviezel filming on the set of the new TV show 'Person of Interest'

Person of Interest - James Caviezel, Michael Emerson

Jim Caviezel/ Person of Interest