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23 Top Star Wars Costumes (list) | GadgetReview

It's dangerous to Google Solo. Take a librarian with you. by theseeleyg, via Flickr

"I've been doing these Library People drawings for a number of years. I do them awhile, then take a break for awhile, but I keep coming back to them. I find them to be very satisfying. They are all drawn on the insides of discarded library books that I find at various used book sales. I like the memories that are somehow present in the books. Who read them? Where have they been? How did they affect the lives of their readers? How did they come to be discarded? Were they ever loved? I think th...

but seriously, I want a dog photographer

The Greatest Act of Rebellion in the Modern World - Rock, Paper, Cynic

Andy Hull and Tim Tebow. Why was I not at this event?!