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School Stuff Math - Equations/ Inequalities

Solving Equations Foldable... a little wordy but I like the format and the wording of the steps.

Solving Inequalities Match Up - This is a self-checking activity. Students may choose to solve the inequalities independently or with a partner. They have to show their work, and create a grid of answers. They will check their grid against my answer key.

Balloon Pop: A Review Game for substitution (powerpoint with questions included)

This is a 16 problem MATHO game designed for use while teaching one-step algebra equations.

Solving multi-step equations for the interactive notebook

A bunch of linear equations activities

My Favorite Unit to Teach - Linear Functions

This is a fun activity that can make preparing for a state test easy and fun. Students are given an inequality graphed on a numberline. They matc...

Will use this when I review inequalities... oreos and creme!

Algebra Worksheet -- Translating Algebraic Phrases (A)