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My thesis - network by Federica Fragapane

Prossemica - Wikipedia

The Potato Lifecycle

PhD graduates' job commitments and salaries at graduation (Note: graduates without job commitments are left out of this graphic)

How to scale circles for data visualization hat tip to Nathan Yau via Graphic Sociology

Urban vs rural housing vacancy rate in New York, 2010 by Jan Willm Tulp via Graphic Sociology

Think everyone in the office gets about the same volume of email traffic? Think again. (via Graphic Sociology)

Sexual reassignment surgery illustration via Alberto Cairo's book "The Functional Art"

Sexual reassignment surgery illustrated via Alberto Cairo's book "The functional art"

Slavery map of US, 1861 via Susan Schulten's book Mapping the Nation

Church denominations in the US by state | Francis Walker via Susan Schulten's book Mapping the Nation

Missouri Slave Density map, 1850 | Edwin Leigh via Susan Schulten's Mapping the Nation

Antebellum Historical Geography Map of US from Susan Schulten's Mapping the Nation

Ghost Counties - The outer bubble represents the total number of homes, the size of the inner bubble represents the number of vacant homes. The y-axis shows the population size on a logarithmic scale and the x-axis of the bubbles shows the number of vacant homes per population. Furthermore, each bubble is connected with a line to another axis that shows the population/home ratio. The exact numbers for the selected county are shown on the top right. by Jan Willem Tulp

IBM Think Exhibit - Data Wall by Chris Ballard, via Behance

Stop and Frisk in New York City | graphic by Act NOW

Prison: Which inmates get abused based on a Bureau of Justice report (August 2010)