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How to seriously lose 50 pounds fast in 5 months and maybe 3-to-5 months if you follow the workout guide. You can also use the weight loss diet to eat whatever you want and whenever you want.

Tried this one & it works to clean grout... 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia (or lemon juice) and 1/4 cup vinegar

FOR A GREAT SMELLING HOUSE COME PARTY TIME.....My house smells so good, after making this! I refuse to buy Febreze ever again.

Pet Accidents on Carpet: 4 TBS Vinegar, 2 C., Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 TBS Liquid Dish soap, 1 TBS Lemon Juice, 2 TBS Baking Soda. Mix in 1 QT bottle. Add water to complete (about 2 cups) the quart. Spray on spot to neutralize (for odor control) and clean. Follow up with plain water. Towel dry.

carpet cleaning tips, vacuuming, spot removal, carpet cleaning

"Use cornstarch to remove cooking grease from a wall--just pour some on a rag and wipe spot until it is gone!" Gotta remember this.

Use "Pledge" to Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances - works better than any other cleaner! This is true!!! I use it in my kitchen. ALSO on granite countertops

Oh do the kids ruin DVD's! Other pinner says: I just did this and it WORKS! Not once did it skip!!! And it was a bad DVD before hand.

How to clean your candle jars of wax once the candle is done. Great to reuse in the bathroom for cotton balls or q-tips