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Ceramic plate from dollar store. Sharpie pen written on it, baked in oven at 350F for 30 min seals the ink in. Awwwww

Mug from the dollar store written on with Sharpie marker and baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

A good tutorial for making your own wood signs. Easiest version I've ever seen.

diy tutorial for glass plate garden art

Take a ticket stub, plane ticket or whatever to kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on fabric transfer material to make a pillow

Reclaimed Window Coffee Tables

transform a wooden table top with tape and steel wool #DIY » You could do any pattern. Stripes/chevron/diagonals, endless possibilities.

DIY Dishwasher Tablets: only 3¢ each and clean to a sparkling shine!

video how to make-bleach wipes, baby wipes, glass wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes. each batch costs about 75 cents to make. I will probably be using this pin for life.

The Make Room: totally cool website you enter the dimensions of your room and it generates ideas for the layout of the room.

A tutorial on how to make your own rice bag heating pad for Christmas gifts!

Single use toothpaste, ointment & condiments, great for camping or traveling.

Hidden Water Pool. SO freakin cool, turns into a patio... safer and more practical for cold weather months!

Add orange peels (or any citrus peel) to a quart of white vinegar in a closed container and let it set for two weeks. Combine citrus/vinegar solution half/half with water and use for cleaning. Works on floors, tile, fixtures, etc. Smells good and is tough on scum. No chemicals.

Fill a bowl or small serving platter with coffee beans and add tea lights - when you burn them your whole house will smell like freshly brewed coffee!

"It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. - I present 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects"

Are you kidding me! I've just been buying new ones....Dip the tip of an empty Swiffer Wetjet solution bottle into boiling water for about 10 seconds and the lid twists off (use a towel). Refill with your preferred cleaning solution at appropriate dilution! and re-cap. Genius. No need to pay for more fluid... way overpriced. genius