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ALL beds should be like this!

Cool costume. Great Dane dressed as a horse.

Wine ice cream. 5% alcohol. This will revolutionize break-ups and girls' nights.

Egg white separator. Genius AND adorable

Love this little girl's hair ...feel bad for the mom that has to comb it out....

Best drink ever!!! Eat whatever you want with this metabolism quickening DIY vitamin filled water. I drank this for two weeks straight while eating anything I wanted with little to no exercise and I still lost about 5 pounds!!! Recipe: About 10 medium size strawberries (sliced) A half a lemon (or whole depending on your flavor preference) One whole sprig of mint leaves Fill with water and shake! Try to get more water than ice, or drink melted ice. Have fun :)

Couples' alarm clock - Put the ring on your finger and it vibrates to wake you and not your partner

Glass Bottle Cutting- You can soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover, tie around bottle, light with a lighter, let burn all the way around for about 10-15 seconds then dip in bowl of cold water perfect spilt every time. This is super cool :)

She did all the disney princess impressions! She's SO good. exact same!

How to flatten bottles…make cutting boards or small serving trays, awesome!

these eye-popping images will make you exclaim outloud! Pinning so I can finish looking later, I only got to 19, and wow!

Her father passed away before the wedding and the men and her life wanted to do something special for her. Watch it, I bawled. Seriously cried so hard

Barbie creator Ruth Handler's house in Santa Monica, L.A. California #JuicyLife