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New Student Packets - this teacher makes 5 extra of everything at the beginning of the school year so that when a new student comes midyear, she has a name tag, beginning of the year info, labels for folders/journals, etc. for the student. Good planning!

good reminder for kids...what a great idea!

Math Taboo to practice vocabulary - example for middle school, but .doc template provided to create your own - FREE!

Equivalent fractions using a multiplication chart. BRILLIANT!! No one ever showed me this in school!

Ooo, this could come in handy! This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.

May The Facts Be With You ~ Color By The Code Math Puzzle Printables! Use the children's love of Star Wars to practice basic addition and subtraction math facts as well as odd and even number recognition. This set includes 4 math puzzles: ~ One Color By The Sum ~ One Color By The Difference ~ One Color By The Sum and Difference ~ One Color By The Sum Odd or Even Set also includes 4 answer keys. $

an addition game called face off. Each child put conversation hearts on his/her gameboard. They took turns rolling 2 die and added the numbers together. They could eat the conversation heart on that number. The first person to eat all of the conversation hearts was the winner.

Using higher level math skills with the March Madness Basketball Tournament! Such a fun way to incorporate the Common Core into your classroom!

One student calls out an answer while other erases the problem. You could play this same game with number bonds to 20. Can be multiplication or division bonds/models. Play on dry erase boards.

Great Math Vocabulary Pictures

Interactive Education: Thanksgiving Multiplication Word Problems

Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests!