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Lauren Cimorelli

Lauren Cimorelli

Only God can judge.

$70 pretty cropped sweater

  • Maryann Jarnagin

    You are so pretty and have an amazing voice!!! Love you so much and it would be awesome of u started following me please

  • Candy Lover

    Lauren u are an amazing singer and u have a great sense of fashion. Can I plz have a follow?

  • Shelby Oliver

    @Lauren Cimorelli can y pz follow me my goal is to get all the Cimorelli sisters to follow me I have 1/6!!! Plz help me reach my goal m! U r just like me, quiet, smart, and a great sense of style

  • Nico Chico

    @Lauren Cimorelli I think people want u to follow them, I don't know where I got the idea but yh x

Primark Boots, H White Top, Primark Beanie, H Scarf, Primark Bag, Primark Shirt, Viparo Pants

When I go into my fiancé's closet I come out like this oversized flannel a cute dress #genius

nice army jacket - PinBuy

teen vogue I'm a bit too adult for the shorts, (lucky ones who can) but with jeans this is an awesome weekend look!

Winter outfit

Winter outfit

shorts. collar. oversized jacket. yes.

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Proverbs 4:23

  • Giada Radicchi

    Are you the real Lauren Cimorelli?

  • Emily Brown

    Lauren, what Bible version do you use? And what religion/Christianity do you believe in? Thank you!

Mark 5:36

  • Perri S.

    Hi lauren could you possibly follow me?

  • Caris Fox

    @Lauren Cimorelli @Lauren Cimorelli @Lauren Cimorelli I just wanted you to know that you are a wonderful, young lady. And inspire lots of lives. I had started watching you videos on line, but I loved your band even more when I found out that you were Christians. You band inspires me. But I would like to tell you that people will always hate, judge and try to tear you down. But YOU have the power to ignore them. Stay strong. Cim Fan-Candy Girl

Mysterious Mouth Appearing in the Back of My Nurse - Salvador Dali (1941)