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Rainbow snack: marshmallows and fruit loops on a wooden skewer! #preschool

Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen.

water cycle song - I like the this already in the 17 other water cycle songs I have pinned?

Puffy Paint Clouds to go with Books, Little Cloud or It Looked Like Spilt Milk

A Rainbow of my Own- Tissue paper rainbows go well with this wonderful book!

water cycle song - to the tune of she'll be coming round the mountain- water travels in a cycle, yes it does (repeat) It goes up- evaporation, forms a cloud as condensation, then comes down- precipitation, yes it does.

Paper tearing class book based on "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle