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california girl

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6 shopping lessons for broke girls everywhere

  • Katherine Mitchell

    .....I'm hoping this article was a joke.

  • Kristin Guynn

    HAHA! I paid for my dinner last night with $10 in quarters because that's all I had available to me. I think this lady needs to reconsider her definition of the word "broke". Try having to decide between buying tampons or putting gas in your vehicle then come back and talk to me about being broke. Moving from a large New York apartment to a small New York apartment isn't what I'd label reaching the end of your rope.

  • Meg Short

    "Broke" people worry about what they're going to eat next, not what designer items they can splurge on. What a misleading title.

  • Brandy Fenner

    I went to read the article specifically because these comments. This author is so out of touch with reality that it's nauseating. People who are actually broke do not think over $200 for an ear cuff is "affordable." They certainly don't ever spend $1800 on one piece of clothing. Is she crazy?

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  • Ivy Jacobs

    That's crap. There is no such thing. Who writes this stuff?

  • Sophie Sand

    Haha seriously! Everyone's hair is gonna be different and every product works differently for everyone

  • Refinery29

    Hey ladies! We totally agree with you, and that's the whole point of the article — the perfect products for each hair type, and each desired style. We hope you liked it!

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