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Η απάντηση σε κάθε ερώτηση (TV-on-TV) —

doctor who references. every. day. to the point where i've taught my brain when it's permissible to live in the fandom, and when i have to pretend i live in reality...

How much bird crap can a Smart Car withstand? Smart Car answers…

We're better. Whedon said it, so it must be true.

Whovians would understand.

This Cake Has Caused a Crack In The Universe

"The Doctor, and his precious Children of Time" -Davros, Journey's End #doctorwho #nine #ten #eleven

The Scottish and French have very different ways of showing affection.

An interpretation of what might have been going through the doctors mind during that beautiful speech in the latest episode The Rings Of Akhenaten. The memories he might have summoned, even the comparisons he might have drawn between himself and the parasite god. This is such a beautiful scene, and the interpretation is amazing.