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Tattoo Ideas Central

"LOOK, Mom. no wheels!" Volkswagen's concept car that travels by using magnetic force to float...

Volkswagen Floating Car (Concept): - Facts Pod

Interesting, especially the teacher.

Milky pens… 90's kids stuff. I really do miss them and the black paper notebooks that they were made to write on so they'd show up better...

Crazy Wingsuit Flight -- Man Lands on Water Without Parachute (WORLD'S FIRST)

I just spent forever on this site. You can enter in the # of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage bays, if you want a study, fireplace, etc. And then it will give you floor plans for it! So much fun!! :-)

Very chill 14-year-old guitarist turns Vivaldi into a beautiful facemelter~ awesome for contrast/compare!!!

Some of the most bizarre X-Rays.

Awesomeness from places around the world