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Holy crap! Platinum Queen ring with diamond accents and round-cut center stone

Future wedding ring? | hairnbeautyz

Future wedding ring? | hairnbeautyzhairnbeautyz

Ring ideas

Coral bridesmaids dresses! Love these bridesmaids dresses and the color!

Notice the Blue dresses with the Nude Shoes. Super classy looking... and makes all their legs look LONG AND PRETTY :)

Intimate New Orleans Wedding Ruffled

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace, adorable. I love this!

say yes ''mrs'' necklace

Bridal Hair Lookbook: Unique Inspirations For Your Big Day

Promise Ring, Engagement Ring, & Wedding Ring. (Of course this isn't the rings I want. But this is an adorable concept).

Put these in your bacherlorette cards so people aren't guessing your!

I am drooling over this dress ...White lace dress / Julie Vino