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Cosplay <3

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Moonknight by Knightmage

Cool Cosplay: Shazam, Poison Ivy, And More

Kingdom Hearts... Not enough words can be said... But as for anti Sora here is the ultimate good guy fallen into the thing he is fighting (fallen hero) but he did it to save someone else so he only became one in appearance not nature (true heroes never truly fall) aha.. Now im older I can appreciate this much more #khfl

Aqua - Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Organization XIII cosplay at Anime Expo : DualWielder as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 by orgXIIIorg, via Flickr

Amazing. I wonder how she did the pants.... I'm starting on a kh1 Sora cosplay and can't figure out the pants.

Skyrim Cosplay at PaxPrime.

Snow Mandalorian (Star Wars) ~ Cos Play by Hydra

Umi the Snow Mandalorian (Photo intensive)

Ms Marvel by Lexi

Cosplay - Miss Marvel - Pixidols - MissMarvel2er

Silver Surfer | D*Con13 (Friday)


Death Star skirt cosplay

Predator | Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2014 #cosplay Bex would be running in the other direction fast

I don't know who these people are but I'm pretty sure wherever they are and whatever they are doing right now their day is more interesting than mine!

incredible Mr. T Cosplay. Wish we knew the name of the cosplayer.

Absolutely amazing attack on titan cosplay

Holy crap... there is nothing here that is short of amazing! A Gorgeous Harley Quinn Cosplay That’s Definitely On Pointe

A Gorgeous Harley Quinn Cosplay That’s Definitely On Pointe