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😃💯 Spoiiiiiilllleeddd Rotten Mastiff‼️😃

Me & my kiddo Ozzy bear the English mastiff

Ozzy bear wiggly dance. Love my mastiff!

One ol' distinguished English mastiff. My baby just turned ten. Where has the time gone....good thing he still acts like a 4 year old.

Hard to leave for work when you've got your English mastiff literally holding your feet down & sad facing you. Lol

When I stop petting Ozzy I get the signature English mastiff "4". Lol

My Birthday boy Ozzy! Making 10 years look handsome for an English mastiff.

My brothers "73" Camaro z28

Ozzy my 9 & 1/2 year old English mastiff after playing in the bay for hours w/ puppies! He's still got it!

My Ozzy bear! One soaking wet tired English mastiff!

Staying cool. English mastiff's are not good with heat.

Hey there lil buddy :-) My English mastiff & his lil buddy a 6 lb chihuahua.

Chip hugging my Ozzy....well, what he can anyways. Lol English mastiffs are good with all animals. Ozzy & Chip are buddies.

My english mastiff Ozzy & his fearless sidekick Chip the chihuahua napping in his arms. Haha

Dash-cam level English mastiff.

He shall defend home from the couch. Intruders beware. English mastiff, Nobel yet lazy defenders if possible. Haha

My handsome English mastiff Ozzy.

How on earth this is comfy for him is beyond me. The ever compact English mastiff. Lol

Ozzy bear couch tater... My English mastiff decided the couch was his...can't blame him.

My English mastiff is also a couch potato.

If he fits, he sits. English mastiffs think like cats. But are better drinking buddies! 😉

Mastiffs are bed hogs.

What do you mean it's not a real fire?!?

My sleepy English mastiff.

What laundry?