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12 of the Coolest Swimming Pools// Newspaper megastar William Randolph Hearst was so rich that his house had two pools: The outdoor Neptune pool, and the indoor Roman pool pic...

12 of the Coolest Swimming Pools

blood falls. The eerie, mysterious blood-red waterfall in Taylor Glacier, Antarctica looks straight out of a horror film, but the red flow is actually caused by a subterranean lake rich in iron.

50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares (PHOTOS) -

artificial reefs that are as simple as a metal grid and old barrels. What is special about biorock is that it creates an extraordinary, accelerated growth of coral. By passing a small electrical current through the water around it, minerals are encouraged to accumulate on the structure's surface for as long as the current lasts. In this way, extraordinary formations can be quickly created. ~Impression Spenhoff 17 high res

through window during rainstorm ~ Gardens at Waters East.

enteromorpha prolifera - Green Algae Turns Qingdao Beach To Swamp

Q. what did the ocean say to the shore? A. nothing. it just waved.

Drink me....water, water, water, water.

. ironically, this was at the site that the little sudanese boy's picture led me to.