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The Friday Night Knitting Club. (Actually already read it a long time ago....need to re-read!) :-)

Love the visual images of old and modern Italy, made me wish I could afford awesome blown Glass! I have a few pieces but would love more...

LOVE this series, Elizabeth Peters rocks! While learning about Egyptian archeology in the early 20th century you'll fall in love with the entire Emerson family. Amelia is the the most brilliant and funny heroine ever.

Amelia Peabody Series, by Elizabeth Peters

My current obsession! Love this series too! Laurie R King is amazing at capturing Sir Connan Doyle's style.

My daughter got me hooked on this series, now I can't put it down! Butcher's snarky wit will keep you chuckling and his suspense and action kept me up all night reading! Who would have guessed I'd love a wizard?