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Don't forget to get in shape as part of your wedding planning duties...CrossFit Travel WOD

CrossFit Travel WODs

30 day ab squat challenge

How cute are these workout clothes??

Shop - KIAVA Clothing

Foam Roller / I never knew what I was missing! I recommend this to anyone that works out! It's like your personal masseuse at home. It helps get those knots and tightness out of your muscles before a workout and promotes blood flow after a workout to help the muscles develop more effectively. Seriously invest on one! I'm do glad I did. I got a textured roller from Dick's for $39.99

Roll Out! Foam Roller Massage

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Whew. Gotta add these to my routine after my gym time!

Top Rated Fitness Challenges from Skinny Ms.

{quiet workout for early in the morning or late at night so you don't disturb anyone.} Since pinning this a month ago, I've done this workout 3-4 times a week. I am now 15 pounds lighter and 1 entire inch thinner. My name is Erika and I approve this workout.

this workout is SO easy and it only takes 2O minutes; the workout: - 15 jumping jacks - 30 second plank- 25 side crunches - another 30 second plank- 2 5 scissor kicks- 35 sit ups -20 high kicks- 3 min of dancing or running -15 squats.

Twitter / BestProFitness: Couch to 5K training schedule! I think I'll start doing this at the gym, to change things up a little.

25 Minute at home workout!♥✤ | Keep the Fitness | BeStayBeautiful

At home workout circuit **wake up**

muffin top workout // UPDATE: Pretty much your body is staying in the same position for all the poses. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Moving on to my 5th routine for the morning. 08/2013 - Cilla (P.s. Cilla is short for Priscilla, I try to update any pins that I've done/continue to do on a daily basis to let other pinners know about my experience.)

full body toning based on workouts by victoria secret models! (along with other exercises iv’e added in ;) It’s more advanced but beginners can give it a try! Just reduce the reps and maybe pick a few parts rather than all 7!

To fight the muffin top that is more and more difficult to melt with age: Four moves to strong abs. Not a single crunch in here. :)